Surgical Tools

With our Surgical Tools portfolio, it's the little things that can make a big difference.

FLO-RESTER Internal Vessel Occluder

FLO-RESTER (Internal Vessel Occluder)

FLO-RESTER is the atraumatic alternative to traditional vessel clamping that reduces risk of vessel injury.

Flo Thru Intraluminal Shunt

FLO-THRU (Intraluminal Shunt)

FLO-THRU Intraluminal Shunt provides temporary blood-free operative field, while allowing blood flow distal to the anastomosis.

Vascular Probe Intravascular Probe

VASCULAR PROBE (Intravascular Probe)

Use the VASCULAR PROBE Intravascular Probe to probe blood vessels distally and proximally, measure vessel internal diameter, and act as an intravascular retractor.