Learning Hub

We developed the Learning Hub to extend, refresh and deepen your clinical knowledge. We've gathered tools, resources, evidence, and expert analysis to provide a comprehensive collection of curated learning materials.

Learning Hub

Whatever your specialty, we invite you to dive into our OR Insights Blog, Podcast series, and HemoVision events where experts share their knowledge and insights on hot topics in their field. Check out the VIBe SCALE, a common language for patient blood management. And visit our Publications and Research page, which can help you integrate learning into practice.

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An interactive live event platform that serves to engage and educate healthcare professionals around the world

The common language for patient blood management

Advanced Surgery Academy
Providing healthcare professionals with safe and effective training

Publications & Research
A localized curation of publications

O.R. Insights Podcast
A podcast series highlighting interesting discussions with surgeons

O.R. Insights Blog
An expert analysis and thought leadership