Advancing the art of healing is central to all we do. HemoVision is an interactive digital platform that serves to engage and educate healthcare professionals on the safe and effective use of our products.

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In the meantime, check out our podcast O.R. Insights: discussions with surgeons. Listen in as we slice through the surface for a deeper understanding of the issues they confront every day.

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Our HemoVision Program

Baxter collaborates with leading physicians and scientists dedicated to improving the path to healing for patients by sharing their O.R. experiences through real-world case studies. The opportunity for you to hear from globally-recognized leaders and learn from your colleagues, directly, is at the core of the HemoVision platform.

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Making a Difference, Together

HemoVision collaborates with leading physicians and scientists dedicated to advancing the art of surgery and improving the path to healing for patients worldwide.

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A Growing Community

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Robust Surgeon Community

More than 1,500 healthcare professionals have participated annually in HemoVision events this year and the community continues to grow.

Focused on Trending Topics

As surgical care evolves, so do the opportunities to improve surgical efficiency through unique initiatives. We collaborate with leading physicians and scientists to present discussions that advance the art of surgery and improve the path to healing through education and innovation.


Real-World Experience

HemoVision attendees experience real-world utilization of our portfolio in thoracic, gynecologic, bariatric and hepatobiliary procedures, just to name a few and more procedures and specialties being added regularly.