O.R. Insights Podcast

In the operating room, you need to make critical decisions in real-time about which tools and techniques to use, decisions that can impact patient recovery and the hospital’s bottom line. The O.R. Insights Podcast is designed to slice through the surface for a deeper understanding of the issues surgeons confront every day.

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OR Insights Podcast
Podcast Episode 5

Adhesion Prevention in Advanced Gynecologic Surgery

Dr. Michael Stine Jr. discusses his approach to Gynecological surgery as well as his experience with adhesions, adhesion reduction and the associated impact on the healthcare system.


Navigating the Industry Guidelines and Surgical Challenges of Type A Aortic Dissections

Dr. Nimesh Desai, Dr. Chris Mehta and Dr. Joseph Bavaria review the accepted guidelines for Type A Aortic dissections and the surgical challenges they face.


A Blueprint to Balancing OR Cost, Quality and Outcomes

Dr. Allen Chudzinski and Dora Mefsouti, Supply Chain Supervisor for AdventHealth Tampa, discuss their experience partnering with Baxter to balance operating room cost, quality, and outcomes.


Intraoperative Hemostasis: The Coagulation Cascade and the Role of Hemostatic Agents

Dr. Jessica Stine discusses her experience with intraoperative hemostasis and choosing the most appropriate hemostatic agent.

Episode 1

Reduction of Surgical Complications Through Adhesion Prevention

Dr. Steven D. Wexner discusses the reduction of surgical complications through adhesion prevention.