Adhesion Prevention

The little things make a big difference. Our adhesion prevention portfolio can help you make the critical decisions that mean longer, healthier lives—or another chance at life.


SEPRAFILM Adhesion Barrier

SEPRAFILM is an adhesion barrier that reduces the incidence, extent and severity of adhesions following abdominopelvic surgery.

Image of Adept solution in the bag

ADEPT® Adhesion Reduction Solution

ADEPT® is proven to reduce post-surgical adhesions in patients undergoing gynecological laparoscopic surgery.

The Impact of Adhesions

Up to 93%

of patients develop adhesions following one or more open abdominal operations1

Approx 20%

of abdominal surgical patients will return for adhesion-related complications2

$2.3 Billion

is the estimated annual economic impact of adhesiolysis procedures2


Adhesion Prevention in Gynecology


Adhesion Prevention in Colorectal