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#3 - Secondary Female Infertility: The Far-Reaching Effects of Adhesions

Amanda Schamper, BSN, RN, Principal Medical Liaison at Baxter Healthcare Corporation, discusses the far-reaching effects of adhesions and the possible role of adhesion prevention in protecting a woman’s fertility.

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#2 - Adhesions and Chronic Pain Following Colorectal/Abdominal Surgery

Rory Tippit, MD, MPAS Medical Director - Americas, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, explains the importance of adhesion prevention to avoid the burden of chronic pain due to adhesions following colorectal/abdominal surgery.

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#1 - Post-Surgical Adhesions: Are They Avoidable?

Rory Tippit, MD, MPAS Medical Director - Americas Baxter Healthcare Corporation provides some answers on what can be done to prevent adhesions.