PERI-STRIPS DRY Staple Line Reinforcement with VERITAS (PSDV) Collagen Matrix is designed to help surgeons improve outcomes and enable patient healing in bariatric, gastric, lung and small bowel procedures. By delivering a naturally strong and biocompatible material, PERI-STRIPS DRY with VERITAS has been shown to reduce the risk of leaks and bleeds along the staple line1.
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See the Simplicity of PSDV SECURE GRIP on a Medtronic Stapler

PERI-STRIPS DRY Staple Line Reinforcement with VERITAS Collagen Matrix comes with SECURE GRIP Technology, arming you with the power of a biologic material you can rely on combined with the convenience of a faster, simpler preparation2,3.

Image of two gloved hands holding PSDV and showing how PSDV SecureGrip peels

Simple “Peel ‘N Secure” Preparation

The SECURE GRIP technology consists of a pressure-sensitive adhesive that provides optimal adherence and release of the buttress from the stapler, facilitating easy manipulation of tissue4.

Infographic stating that PSDV prep time takes half the time compared to Seamguard

Faster Preparation Time

Half the preparation time of GORE® SEAMGUARD®

Half the preparation of PSDV Gel


PSDV SECURE GRIP resulted in a 54.55% reduction in preparation time when compared to GORE® SEAMGUARD® and a 59.67% reduction in preparation time when compared to PSDV Gel2.

PSDV Graph 1

PSDV with Simpler Preparation

Easiest to Prepare, Easiest to Learn2

A straightforward, intuitive preparation that’s easy to adopt.

  • Reduces the risk of error2
  • Easy for new users to adopt2
PSDV Graph 2

In a preclinical study, participants rated PSDV SECURE GRIP easier to learn than GORE® SEAMGUARD® and PSDV Gel2.

Image of staple line reinforcement with PSDV in sleeve gastrectomy

Confidence at the Staple Line

Over 15 years and 2 million implants, PERI-STRIPS DRY with VERITAS is proven to improve clinical outcomes and reduce procedural complications1,5,6.

PSDV vs Non-Buttressed Chart

Strong From the Start (Burst Strength)*

A preclinical study evaluating staple line seam integrity at intraluminal pressures in the immediate postoperative period with a canine model demonstrated:

  • Regardless of the operative techniques, the buttressed ileocolic anastomoses showed higher bursting pressures*7
  • Buttressed anastomoses never ruptured at the staple line*7
Number 1

The Staple Line Reinforcement MOST PREFERRED by OR Nurses and Scrub Technicians

30 out of 30 nurses and scrub technicians ranked PSDV SECURE GRIP the #1 preferred staple line reinforcement2.

Additional Product Benefits

Outperforms Synthetic PGA Material

PERI-STRIPS DRY with VERITAS is derived from bovine pericardium and outperforms synthetic PGA material at the staple line over time in sleeve gastrectomy/gastric bypass patients6.

Reduced Risk of Staple Line Leaks and Bleeds

In a multicenter comparative use study, PERI-STRIPS DRY with VERITAS significantly lowered the risk of postoperative bleeding and leaks at the staple line compared to competitive products, over-sewing, and no staple line reinforcement1.

Remodeling Characteristics Support Wound Healing

PERI-STRIPS DRY with VERITAS provides structural integrity that supports the host tissue’s formation of new collagen.8 Upon implantation, PSDV acts as a scaffold for extracellular matrix (ECM) deposition and will degrade during the remodeling phase of tissue healing.*9.


*Preclinical data results may not correlate to results in humans.

Indications and Important Risk Information

PSDV Instructions for Use

PERI-STRIPS DRY with VERITAS Collagen Matrix (PSDV) Reinforcement is intended for use as a prosthesis for the surgical repair of soft tissue deficiencies using surgical staplers when staple line reinforcement is needed.

(Circular reinforcement only) PSDV reinforcement can be used for reinforcement of staple lines during gastric, bariatric, and small bowel procedures.

(Linear reinforcement only) PSDV Reinforcement can be used for reinforcement of staple lines during lung and bronchus resections and during bariatric surgical procedures, and during gastric, small bowel, mesentery, colon, and colorectal procedures.


The use of PSDV Reinforcement is contraindicated in patients with known sensitivity to bovine or acrylic material.

Do not re-sterilize. Resterilization may cause changes to the tissue and negatively impact functionality of the device.

Discard all open unused components. Do not use product if there is damage to the pouch or seals.

Ensure the staple line is completely covered with the buttress or inadequate coverage after firing may result.

Do not use PSDV Reinforcement if the product has been exposed (1) to solutions above room temperature, (2) to chemicals, antibiotics, or other substances other than specifically addressed in the instructions, (3) or if heat indicator has been activated.

Use care when removing loading unit components from the stapler to prevent buttress dislodgement.

Do not get the buttress wet before applying Gel, or the buttress may not adhere to the stapler properly.

Ensure the anvil and cartridge sides of the loading unit are on the corresponding stapler jaws or the buttress may not adhere to the stapler properly. The cartridge and anvil sides of the PSDV Reinforcement loading unit differ; substitution of one side for the other may interfere with alignment and adherence of the buttress strips.

Final tissue compression, including PSDV Reinforcement, must meet the range specified by the stapler manufacturer; this is especially important if staple firings are overlapped. PSDV Reinforcement increases the total thickness of the area stapled by 0.4 mm – 1.2 mm (0.016” – 0.048”).

(Circular reinforcement only) Cartridge cones may be used for entry into the surgical site on the cartridge side of the stapler during endoscopic surgery. Before completion of surgery be sure to remove the cartridge cone from the surgical site.

Rx Only. For safe and proper use of this device, refer to the Instructions for Use.

PSDV Full Instructions for Use:

PSDV Linear

PSDV Circular